International Patients

Our team is focused on helping patients from across the globe. Our main aim has always been to help patients get access to world class services with the best in class outcomes in Liver Transplantation. Since the Liver Transplant team at BLK Superspeciality Hospital (New Delhi) provides world-class liver transplant services at a fraction of the cost of the Eastern or Western centres, foreign patients regularly travel to our centre for liver transplants and other advanced liver surgery. We have catered to patients from various countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal etc. Proximity to their home country and socio-cultural similarities are the other factors that make Delhi a preferred destination for advanced medical treatment amongst these patients. 


Why Choose Us?

Highly experienced, dedicated team of surgeons, doctors and paramedics

Priority services

Evidence-based, patient-centric, ethical medical practices

Cutting edge technology and top of the line equipment to support the program 

Fully automated systems to minimize human error

Unique set-up for pre-surgery planning and virtual surgery in liver transplant patients and donors to make these operations more safe and precise. 

State-of the art modular operating theatres designed especially for liver and laparoscopic surgery

Isolated Ultra-Clean Ventilated dedicated Liver ICU

Unique infection control systems

Comfortable day-care facilities for minor procedures for out-patients

Dedicated comprehensive international patients' division with door-to-door services and round-the clock interpreter services

Excellent patient coordination and administrative services support

Conveniently located in the heart of city with a lot of options for stay 

Caters to patients around the world and sensitive to their socio-cultural and ethnic needs.

Follow up OPDs in various cities across the world.

Affordable reasonable pricing


For your Liver Transplantation journey, the transplant process is essentially divided into two phases to guide you along the way.


Initial Contact & Appointment Procedure:

1. The patient or family can contact us by e-mail or phone and send all the patient's relevant medical records by e-mail or fax or courier.

Mobile: +91-9811765618


2. After reviewing the medical details, we will revert with our opinion and course of treatment including need for liver transplantation, financial details and donor requirements that are relevant to the case.

4. In case a transplant is advised, the family should identify the prospective liver donor(s) from within the family and inform our team. We will then advise some basic tests for the donor(s) in their home country so that the chances of the donor being finally accepted at our hospital are high and there is minimal delay in the transplant. 

5. Once the willing family donor is identified and tested, and the family is ready to travel to Delhi our team will help in the visa process.

6. Upon arrival at Delhi, the patient and his attendants will be received at the airport by a hospital vehicle and taken to the hospital (45 minutes’ drive from the airport). Depending on the condition, the patient might require admission in the hospital. One attendant is allowed to stay with the patient unless the patient is in the ICU. With prior notice, accommodation can be arranged near the hospital for the other attendants.


Procedure Upon Reaching Delhi:

1. Once the family donor and has been declared suitable on initial tests carried out in their home country, the patient should come over to Delhi with the idea of being here for a total of about 2 months including pre-transplant evaluation and preparation, the actual transplant operation as well as stabilization in the immediate post-transplant follow up period.

2. At BLK Superspeciality Hospital (New Delhi), a transplant evaluation will be carried out to see if the patient needs transplant and whether he is fit for it. 

3. If a transplant is deemed suitable and the family has a willing family donor, the transplant can take place within 7-10 days of reaching Delhi. 

4. After liver transplant operation, the patient will have to stay in the hospital for a month and in the vicinity of the hospital for follow up for another 4-6 weeks. 

5. After that we will contact with the patient's local liver specialist and make arrangements for the patient's long term follow up in his home country. 

6. The donor is discharged from hospital after 7-10 days and allowed to go back to their country 10-15 days after which he is completely normal in every respect as he was before the liver donation. There are no medicines in the long term and no dietary restrictions. Like anyone undergoing abdominal surgery, the donor should avoid lifting heavy weights for 3 months. After that there is no restriction on activity.

Mobile: +91-9811765618

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